First View

"First View" means that all contents and functions of the virtual research environment are work in progress. Not only will new data sets continue to be recorded, but existing ones will also be successively expanded and related to each other in terms of content.


The approach's basic idea is to successively record those works that are mentioned in the artist's written legacy in order to digitally link them with the source writings, the secondary literature, but also other works of art, such as preliminary studies by Dürer's hand or copies made after his pictorial inventions. The transcriptions of the written sources are in progress.

As of spring 2022:

The focus in the first project phase (2020-2023) is on Dürer's prints. However, numerous unique works have already been documented. The cross-genre selection served as the basis for developing the structure of the database and the underlying application ontology of the virtual research environment. In order to condense the data, prints from various institutions were recorded together with details specific to each impression - initially from the holdings of the project partners Museums of the City of Nuremberg / Albrecht Dürer Haus-Stiftung e.V. as well as the digital offerings of selected collections internationally.

Citation note

Follows shortly.


Illustrations are not available for every work respectively impression.
If we do not have any images available, we link to the presentation of the institution holding the respective print.

Search tips

The page "Works" offers an introduction to all works recorded so far.
The results can be adjusted via a full text search and the filter function "Objekttyp".

Browsing provides an overview of the categories "Works", "Sources", "Literature", "Persons" and "Institutions" using an alphabetical list.
The results can be adjusted via a full text search.

A full-text search can be used to search the data records.
After entering a search term, the results can be narrowed down to the following categories in a first step: "Ausführung (Exemplare)", "Institution", "Literatur", "Person", "Quelle", "Verkaufsereignis" and "Werk". Once one of the categories has been selected, the results can be narrowed down using further filter criteria.

Planned until 2023

Both contents and the technical and visual implementation will be further developed during the project. This includes, among other things:

  • the documentation of works of art, textual sources, persons, institutions/collections, sales events etc.
  • versioning and ensuring citability of the data sets
  • optimisation of the search functions and the visual user interface
  • transcriptions and TEI-supported mark-up of the sources and their publication (incl. the transcription guidelines)
  • the integration of an IIIF viewer.