About us

On June 01, 2020, Heidelberg University Library, together with the Nuremberg Municipal Museums and the Albrecht Dürer House Foundation e.V., launched the DFG-funded project duerer.online - Virtual Research Network Albrecht Dürer. In the future, a sustainable research environment with a complete catalog raisonné of Albrecht Dürer's prints, paintings and drawings as well as his afterlife will be created.

Motives and goals

Dürer and his oeuvre are among the most popular subjects of art historical research. The life and work of no other German artist of this period are so well documented or so actively received. As a result of the extraordinarily dense mass of tradition, beginning with the artist's written estate, the literature today is almost impossible to survey. Moreover, this printed research is not only numerous and diverse, but also fast-moving: in contrast to Dürer's printed work, the most recent reappraisal of which was published between 2001 and 2004, the inventories of the artist's drawings and paintings are outdated. In the course of ongoing digitization, countless digital and thus less static resources are emerging, but they are mostly incompatible with each other and therefore hardly searchable together. Overall, the abundance of text and image sources as well as the unbroken research interest in Dürer predestine the development of an interoperable digital infrastructure.
In duerer.online, already existing resources are integrated, outdated data formats are made compatible and new research data are integrated. In the sense of the digital humanities, knowledge is thus clearly bundled, scattered information is digitally united, and a new research tool is offered to the interested public.

During its conception and development duerer.online is accompanied by a scientific advisory board and professional associations. Here you can find information about the members.